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Three Points Make a Plane is an exhibition of new pieces by Tom Burtonwood that explores perception and simultaneity through installation and works on paper.

Inside Out is a multi disciplinary installation piece that uses networked IP camera systems and web based platforms to probe our perceptions of visual ambiguity and explore moments of simultaneity experienced by visitors to the gallery.
From the doorway to the project space Inside Out can be read as an equilateral triangle. From all other vantage points it is read as either/or a quadrilateral or self-intersecting quadrilateral.
Located inside each of the nodes is a camera system that observes the periphery of the project space and the view immediately perpendicular to it. Transmitted over the local wifi network these image streams are viewed simultaneously on a monitor mounted to the wall of the space.

View the live image stream.

Exhibited adjacent to Inside Out are a number of works from the Points in Space series of pointillist drawings which, amongst other things, explore perceptions of depth and challenge assumptions about figure/ground and color motion relationships.

List of Works Exhibited

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