Tom Burtonwood

Still image from Schrodingers Cat Isn't Dead After All showing image of street projected onto Mankei Neko inside the vessel
"Schrödinger's cat isn't dead after all," 2019
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  • Born: United Kingdom
  • Operating System: He/They
  • Live/work: Chicago, IL, USA
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Tom Burtonwood (b. United Kingdom) is a Chicago-based multidisciplinary artist, curator and educator. Through sculpture, drawing and video Burtonwood explores how vision is structured and constructed. He/they hold an MFA from Southern Illinois University (USA) and a BA from Loughborough College of Art (UK).

Points In Space are part of a series of images by Tom Burtonwood that collapse photographic source material and observed drawings together into a continuous matrix of points. I make these drawings to think about the relationship between the eye and the aperture of the camera.
Points in Space (2019.003), Ink on paper, 5.5 x 8.25 inches, 2019 (Photo by Sebastian Ziegler).
Outside In, a video sculpture by Tom Burtonwood
"Outside In," (archive still) 2019

Burtonwood’s video sculpture straddle a line between observing and surveilling, watching and seeing. Recent projects are an investigation of how simultaneity is perceived through networked camera systems and experienced via computational apparatuses that apprehend their zone of habitation.

Burtonwood is a member of international art collective videokaffe.

Recent venues presenting Burtonwood's work include DesignLab Gallery, Pasadena, CA; Dock 6, Chicago, IL; Monaco, St. Louis, MO; Platform, Evanston; Riverside Art Center, Riverside, IL; CICA Museum Gyeonggi-do, Korea; DEMO Project, Springfield, IL; Terrain Biennial 2017, Oak Park, IL. For a full list of Burtonwood's exhibition record please download their CV: Artist CV

Escalator is a set of stairs 3D scanned from a warehouse space in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. The artist uses the form of the staircase to talk about the translation of matter into the immaterial and back again. Escalator hangs effortlessly in the exhibition space from steel wire connected to a wooden frame. Seemingly weightless the super thin form factor of the sculpture is in stark contrast to the seeming monumentality of the battered staircase. Images of the worn down bricks are laid upon the substrate using inkjet printed organiza. The resulting treatment is intended to mimic the fragmented manner in which images are accessed in our memories.
Tom Burtonwood
"Escalator," 3D printed plastic, inkjet on organza, steel, wood, 2017
Primary Sources was a sculptural installation produced for the Terrian Biennial 2017. It was comprised of four stele of varying sizes and shapes depicting surface texture and detail from a residential structure. They were installed in the front yard of this house and created an echo of color, form and surface for viewers to experience. Siding, stucco, stone, house number, window frame. These details are faithfully reproduced from 3D scans of the structure and milled on a CNC machine from foam. They are arranged in a circular fashion to evoke a meeting place or establish a landmark.
"Primary Sources," Terrain Biennial 2017.

Burtonwood is a board member and co-organizer of Terrain Exhibitions, an Oak Park based not for profit arts organization that makes private space public through sculpture, installation, performance and interventions. Apart from Terrain he/they have curated over twenty exhibitions of contemporary art working with Chicago - based artist run galleries GARDENFresh (2002 - 2009) and What It Is (2010 - 2015).