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In this iteration of "Schrödinger's cat isn't dead after all" the box that may or may not contain a cat is suspended in the Riverside Art Center Flex Space Gallery window.

The camera obscura aperture faces the street and captures the light reflected from the parked cars on Quincy street in the foreground and in the background a residential apartment building.

The image projected inside the camera obscura falls upon a beckoning cat mechanism and the wall behind it. This in turn is observed by a networked camera system that streams the view on the art center local network.

A second networked computer device accessed the image stream from the first and displays it via a web browser on a monitor mounted to the wall of the space. The monitor is set apart from the cube in the window to emphasize the separation between what is seen and when / where it is observed.

As with the prior iterations of "Schrödinger's cat isn't dead after all" my intention is to emphasize moments of simultaneity. I want to establish for the viewer a shift in perception whereby a passing car is observed at the moment it occurs, observed by the camera obscura and seen on screen.